“Plastic Hanger And Foot (Before And After), 2021”

I’m thinking, climate change, warming, plastic in the sea, everyone making a difference … I saw this white plastic hanger on the floor in the store (left before), I walked by it a number of times and finally, decided to pick it up to put it in the trash (right after).

‘Still Life 15 (Selfie)’ Photograph, 2021, By Danny Tisdale

This is #15 in the Still Lives series documenting the surface, the color and the life of my body.

I especially thought this self portrait in many ways is a documentation of my body as it ages, as a veteran of the Black Lives Matter movement, and a survivor the attack of COVID on our bodies.

The concept for the piece comes from a masters mash-up from Warhol’s humor to Yves Klein’s body performance-based work to Leonardo da Vinci‘s figurative drawings to Charles White‘s masterful tonality.