Specializing in master drawings, and portraiture for public and private settings.

Occasionally I make art for myself that I sale. Predominantly though I work on Commissions, which means someone has described what they want and we have agreed on a price and I do what they want it.

I have worked with architects, designers, and contractors as well as directly for the people who will be living with my work.

There are some who describe exactly what they want by photographs or detailed drawings. Many times though, people come to me with a less clearly defined concept. I welcome the challenge of satisfying this type of client, and I have an excellent track record of success at doing so. I have a large library of reference books and they help me to present an array of options to a client. When we feel we are on the right track, a client will pay me an hourly fee to make sketches for one or more of the options to a client to select from and make comments on.

When a final design is approved, full-scale drawings are made and in certain instances models can be made. Clients are welcome to visit and check n work in progress.

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